CyberLink YouCam

CyberLink YouCam Version 8.0.1411.0 Free trial

Webcam software program that includes a variety of neat effects

If your webcam were a dog, CyberLink YouCam would have been the trainer you would have called to teach your dog cool tricks. Indeed, once CyberLink YouCam will have trained your webcam, it will behave exactly as you want it to behave.
What tricks can my webcam do that I didn’t know about?
- CyberLink YouCam can depict you as an avatar of your choice, sporting an original mustache or a weirdly colored hair.
- You can add virtual confetti so your friends on the other end will be certain you're having a party.
- You can add virtual 3D elements such as blowing a balloon or spinning a merry-go-round.
- You can design various graphic elements such as a post card carrying your face or adding text on your photo.
- Many other advanced effects.
Interfacing with social networks
The video clips you create with your webcam can be shared any way you choose. You can easily upload them to YouTube, share them with friends on Facebook, and of course, the software program interfaces with the most popular video chat software programs, so you'll be able to continue using Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and other software programs for your video call, but now, with so many other advantages that come with it.
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